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John, Seattle, Washington Blackbird saling
In short, I love the Blackbird ukulele.  It is a head turner for sure, and my playing friends who have seen it have played it and all agree it is tops.  I've used it for a couple of performances now, and several in the audiences have been attracted to come up a and ask me about it.  I love the sound; not wood, it has resonance and a voice that is all it's own that works well by itself and blends in nicely with others in a group.  The voice and response is even across all strings no matter how aggressive the attack.  The action is perfect for me and moving around up and down the neck is as smooth and easy as it gets - better than any of my other custom instruments.  I also really like the MiSi pickup.  It is simple, easy to use, and has performed well for me in the venues where I have used it.

Bill, La Jolla, California Blackbird saling
This picture was taken on a vacation to Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Note the sea turtle resting on the beach just above the surf line behind me. I have had my Rider steel string for a couple of years now and still love it. I can't imagine a better sounding or playing travel guitar. I almost always take it with me on trips and have never had a problem carrying it aboard an aircraft. It is unobtrusive and usually fits in the overhead directly in front of a carry on suitcase. Because it is carbon fiber, no worries about damage in a soft case either. If I didn't have the Rider I probably wouldn't take a guitar on my travels.

David, Louisville, Kentucky Blackbird saling
From David with his Rider on the sailing vessel Clarity: 'This was taken with my phone a bit late in the day. We are in North Sound on Virgin Gorda. And the guitar sounds GREAT!

Jeffrey, SF, California
I'm back from another magical trip to the jungle. My Blackbird treated me far more than well--we developed a beautiful connection. Blackbird in Peru What a treat to share this instrument and music with so many amazing people from all over the world. She's got stories. I do have some pictures of the Blackbird in 'action' in the jungle..I hope some of them might be useful to you in some way or just bring you a smile.

Blake, Calgary, Canada
The guitar was fantastic it sounds better than my full size is really special to me
now that I have carried it all over nepal.

Rich, San Francisco, CaliforniaRich Armstrong playing a Blackbird
[Boz Scaggs, Michelle Shocked]
I'm enjoying the guitar and have been referring lots of interested people to your website. Seems to get the attention of even non-guitar players!

Candida, Devonshire, U.K
It's light and comfortable to play and the design certainly seems to maximize the sound you get out of such a small box. I was a bit worried that the shape would be awkward to hold but it sits nicely... it is a piece of art in its own right, and unlike the parlour, I'm not afraid to leave it displayed on the wall in my damp old Devonshire house. It's a fun. worry-free guitar which I will enjoy playing. Thank you very much.

Shigeru, Kanagawa, Japan
I caught the black bird! It looks really beautiful and has a clear voice. I often attach capo on 6 fret.tone is like a harp or some kind of traditional strings then .Blackbird in Japan
I like it.(^^)

I have an acoustic guitar built by Santa Cruz Guitar Company. That's a really fine instrument type-dreadnought.
rider steel is as well as that one when I choose fingerpicking.
and rider is much stronger! I'll be able to go camping, driving or wherever(swimming in next summer!) with guitar

Rose, Clarence Center, New York
I have received the guitar and I LOVE IT!! The sound is unbelievable. Perfect balance for bass and treble. The action is just right for me. (Thank you) The frets are nice and smooth. Craftsmanship is out of this world.

Oyvin, Ulsteinvik, NorwayBlackbird in Norway
I went on a bike trip - or "island jumping" - as we call it last weekend, in the north part of the county.
I brought my Blackbird on the trailer
My group of 20 people showed great interest in the Blackbird,and praised the sound and the look of it!

Steve, Tampa, Florida
It sounds great for the size. The bass response is great. I stopped at the house of guitars and tried the Martin backpacker and the ¾ guitar and the Blackbird has a far superior sound.

Jonathan, Hong Kong
"A real work of art - very nice action, nice sound, more compact than I thought (which is a good thing) - so far absolutely no complaints. And this is the first and only travel guitar I can say that about."

Rob, Stradebroke Island, Austrialia
It works, the toneís really great - even my wife thinks so.

John, Breslau, Canada
I like the shape, sound, size, and feel.

David, Los Altos, California
haven't travelled with the Blackbird but have been playing it daily. Not through an amp much, mostly just acoustic. Great feel just keeps getting better. Stays in tune pretty consistently and projects like a much larger guitar.

John, Tustin, California
I always have it around so I actually play it more than any of my other fifty guitars. And it sounds great.

Charlie, San Francisco, California
...It's really an innovative piece of equipment - the shape, the sound, the size and the weight and most of all the efficiency of the body using every square inch as acoustic space to make it louder."

Richard, Riviera Beach, Florida
Playing since 1977, I have owned everything. I always wanted a small 0 size guitar that I didn't have to worry about and was a high quality guitar with a great sound. Here it is. If it were lost or stolen I think I would replace it. Everyday it gets more use. If you had to gig with it because your dreadnaught was not available, it would do the job. Just a geat guitar and I'm very happy with it. Give it try, you can always return it, although I can't see why you woould. It's not a Martin, it's not a Taylor. It is a great guitar that is small, sounds great, won't crack, looks cool,has a nice voice and and gets played more than my dreadnaught because it's comfortable! (from Harmony Central Review)

Mike, Nottinghamshire, U.K.
I'm amazed at the tone - lovely bass and well balanced sound. You would think it was a much bigger bodied guitar.
Look and feel say 'quality'. A lovely guitar.

Richard, San Luis Obispo, California
All the pickers in my group played the guitar, and all were impressed. The guitar sounds wonderful through a nice acoustic amp. Everyone loved the action and the accuracy of the sound up and down the neck. The evenness of sound from string to string raised eyebrows. Everyone agreed that the Blackbird was the nicest sounding acoustic travel guitar that anyone had heard.

Shelly, Gulf Stream, Florida
The guitar arrived and my husband loves it. My 11 year old son has just started learning to play. He loves it too! Thank you so much.

Wilma, Lago di Annone, Italy
Great sound, i'm very satisfied about this...the guitar is beautiful and plays very well.

Renato, Usmate, Italy
It has really a good sound without amplifier.

Bob, Huffman, Texas
Did some playing last night... this is no question the best acoustic travel guitar available. Period.

Stacey, Santa Barbara, California
I will be shouting from the mountain tops and the sea shore how much I love this thing. Not only is it beautiful, but it sounds even better than it looks, which I did not think was possible. If you ever need it or me anywhere to talk the truth of this thing, let me know.

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