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  Press Release: January 2012    




Blackbird refines line with the launch of the 2012 Rider Nylon as well as the addition of a rechargeable pickup and durable stainless steel frets.

San Francisco– January 21, 2012 - Blackbird, maker of carbon fiber acoustics with patented hollow neck uni-body, is introducing enhancements and a new model. The entire high performance line gains in durability, tone and versatility, exemplified by the new Rider Nylon.

New Rider Nylon, 2012 Model
Blackbird is proud to unveil the new Rider nylon, the singular performance-level travel guitar is further refined. Now available for the first time with on-board preamp and controls and new individual precision tuning machines. The new Rider nylon is offered at an introductory $2035 with electronics and a soft case.
In 2011, Research and Development focused on developing refinements and implementing them in production. Blackbird moved to the San Francisco Mission district one year ago, in order to expand production of its carbon fiber instruments. “The move to a large high-tech workshop with the latest CNC equipment, has greatly benefited the entire operation down to each guitar- along with helping us keep up with demand”, says founder Joe Luttwak.

New Enhancements

  • Battery-free Mi-Si pickups are now available in addition to existing Fishman and RMC pickups. The compact and light rechargeable system does not compromise acoustic tone. Charge up for 60 seconds and play up to 16 hours. Volume and tone control dial are conveniently located at the soundhole. Now standard on the Blackbird Tenor Ukulele (.a.k.a. BTU), Lucky 13 and Rider Nylon.
  • Stainless steel frets- All steel string models including Rider, Super OM , and Lucky 13, now sport stainless steel frets standard matching the durability of the carbon unibody. “Our instruments are already humidity proof and exceptionally durable, so upgrading to very long wearing stainless steel fretwire makes sense,” says Joe Luttwak.

Blackbird Lucky 13
The vintage-style, thirteen-fret neck junction guitar, launched at ‘11 NAMM, adds white accents for more old-school charm. But below the skin, the high-tech construction improves dramatically -- with MiSi electronics, TonePros-Kluson tuning machines, and ultra-light bracing -- making this travel-friendly instrument even more tonally rich. It’s a jack-of-all trades, and master of fingerstyle. It is the perfect singer-songwriter gigging companion for home, road and stage.

Blackbird ‘BTU’
The explosively responsive BTU, now standard with rechargeable MiSi electronics with volume and tone control at the off-set sound hole. The new model is marked by a switch to white accents to off-set the carbon fiber uni-body. “We are thrilled by the enthusiasm of the ukulele community, particularly professionals, who love the powerful sound of the BTU and stability of carbon fiber construction,”

Rider Steel-string
The travel guitar widely considered the best on the market, is now even more steely -- with durable stainless steel frets coming standard. This guitar remains the top choice for high performance on the road with unparallelled ration of compact size to acoustic presence.

Super OM
Blackbird’s comfortable orchestra model configuration is medium sized but a sonic cannon, upgraded with standard stainless frets and Mi-Si electronics optional. The Super OM is the choice for tonal clarity, sustain, and dynamic response -- and the premier carbon fiber fingerstyle guitar.

Design benefits

  • Exceptional carbon fiber strength + environmental stability
  • Compact size, responsive tone
  • Hollow neck with head mounted Stereo Sound Port®
  • 3D sculpted back for improved comfort, access + strength

About Blackbird
Blackbird’s proprietary hollow-neck, one-piece carbon fiber construction blends the powerful voice of an light-built boutique guitar with the ruggedness of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is not only dramatically stronger than wood and humidity-proof, but also highly acoustically responsive -- particularly as designed by Blackbird . Founded in 2005 with a mission to build high performance instruments, Blackbird started with Rider, now the satisfying and nearly indestructible benchmark for travel guitars. Blackbird’s singular blend of Formula 1/aerospace technologies with traditional luthierie gives form to a new highly resilient and responsive instrument each year. Blackbird Guitars are made by small team in San Francisco. Advanced technology alongside the traditional craft of a master luthier means every build is imbued with quality, precision and soul.

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